Why do We Have Dreams?

Sweet dreams

[Flickr Photo: Sweet dreams, by: iessi . CC License.]

Dreams Explained

Why do we have dreams? Are they trying to show us repressed feeling or memories long forgotten? Dreams have always been a mystery and there is no clear reason as to why we even have them in the first place. Some are more memorable whereas others are easily forgotten. The same is applicable when contemplating the location and events that occur in said dream. In some cases they can be about familiar circumstances such as eating breakfast in the morning and in other times it can be the complete opposite. Dreams are both random and unknowable.

However there are several theories that have been developed by known psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud, that give us more insight on what our dreams could possibly mean.


It mainly focuses on how we perceive and interpret the world around us. This information is provided by our brain’s internal functions and dreaming is believed to be an effect of this process.


This emphasizes on the premise that dreams can’t be controlled by us. This approach relies on the belief that dreams have hidden wants and needs and, there forth, express repressed feelings that we aren’t aware of. To truly understand the meaning behind a dream one must analyze and study the factors and objects involved since they can symbolize a hidden need.


It centers on the concrete facts and environment that can be seen and interpreted by someone else. It is believed that altering the surroundings of a person can have an effect on their behavior and dreams while sleeping.


Like the psychodynamic approach, the humanistic method studies a person’s mental processes as well as their reaction to external stimuli. It talks about how influential the personality of any given individual can be and how people naturally have a tendency to improve for the better and even rely on their decision making skills.


This is based on a more scientific approach and gives more attention to our bodily functions.

In order to learn more about these theories check out the link here: https://owlcation.com/social-sciences/Dreaming-Minds


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